Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Friends


Hello sweet friends.

I have been enjoying a 
peaceful internet break,
but am stopping by to
wish you a Blessed
day of Thanksgiving.

Dear One and I have 
kept busy with 
 activities we enjoy.

One is hiking up on our
 land "Little Piney Acres."

The neighbors next to 
our land had their lumber
cut down to sell.

 I found a beautiful
wild turkey feather on my
walk across their open fields
seen in the above photo.

Our weather has
been warm and dry
so we have enjoyed hiking,
bike riding and picnics.

We had a bike ride one
sunny morning and happened
upon a happy moment.

A baby calf had just 
been born in a field.

It was a precious moment
watching mama and the
other cows gazing on
the new born.

Dear One and I
cheered the little one's
first wobbly steps!

Life is full of
little miracles....

We've had some sad
wildfires burning near
our home on our
beloved Blue Ridge
the last week.

Below is a photo
from the backyard
one evening and one
the next morning taken 
by my sweet neighbor...

We awoke yesterday
morning to the smelly
smoke again, so we decided
to take off and drive to a smoke
free area away from home.

I'm so glad we did.
We ended up enjoying
a sunshiny day in

First stop was a favorite-
Nina Bell's Cottage...

We love shopping
at this happy boutique.

A dear lady has
transformed her
Granny's vintage 1930s
home into a charming shop...

I bought a sweet
felt Nativity set..

There's even a photo of
Nina Bell and her hubby
 amongst the lovely
 goodies for sale..
As we left we said
goodbye to the owner
outside decorating
for Christmas.

The ladies here
are as nice as can be,
and shopping is a pleasure...

We meandered on to 
have a tasty lunch
break at Granny Bee's Diner.

Aren't the little Main St.
shops charming?...

There's so much to
choose from in this little town..

I enjoy the vintage 
Baine's Books and Coffee
shop. The creaky wooden 
floors and old books
are charming...

Before heading home
we enjoyed a
play by some local
high school kids called 
Anne of Green Gables.

They performed at 
a theater called
Light House Drama Players
A Christian Theater Experience.

I loved that they added
hymns, Scripture and prayer
to this cute story...

I love the little
village of Appomattox...
small town living 
at its finest

Back  home
we've been Winter
cleaning and sprucing
things up a bit.

A big job was chipping 
grout,  re-caulking and
scrubbing the kitchen
counter tiles.

All done and sparkly
....happy it's done...

In quiet moments
we enjoy puzzles
or a few games...

Life has it's little
blessings and smiles.

There's always something
we can be thankful for,
especially as we celebrate
Thanksgiving day.

However, there are days
when we have questions.

The world we live in 
can bring times of wonder.

One day I was feeling
sorrow concerning some 
things I had seen and was
quietly visiting with the Lord.

Not questioning as much
as just feeling the heaviness
of living in this old world.

Dear One shared some
sweet thoughts to cheer my 
weary heart...

The Lord who created
this world with a Word,
and created us from dust,
is surely able to care for
all that goes on in His

He then sang an
old hymn he used to
sing when he was a boy.

It brightened my
heart so I'm leaving
it for you to enjoy also.

Enjoy the blessings the
Lord allows each 
day dear hearts.

The world is in
His capable hands.

I'm still trying to 
keep my mind free from
too much internet,
but, Lord willing,
I'll stop by to visit
during Christmas.

Loving 🤗 hugs.
Mrs. C

Dear One says I
should add the hymn
below too ..just to
brighten your day...