Golden Days


Going out the door these
days is a feast for the eyes.

I can't decide which 
season is more colorful...
Autumn or Spring?

I love them both.

The soft pastel Spring..
the bold vibrant Autumn.

As the saying goes...
I'm so glad I live in 
a world with Octobers.

Praise God for His creative beauty.

Little Ranger and I went 
on a leaf hunt...look at these bright
gems I found on the ground from my 
pear tree and golden rod...

The leaves on the dogwood
are just turning outside my 
dining room window...

The chestnut tree produced a 
bumper crop this year..
I bought some in to roast....
I made a cinnamon coffee cake
and an omelette for breakfast
with a few roasted chestnuts.

Dear One said chestnuts aren't his thing,
So, I ate his:)

So much to be thankful for.

This time of year my body
naturally begins to want a 
season of fasting.

This break from food 
and other distractions
brings a renewal of 
mind, spirit and body

I will take a little 
break from computer 
and other things that 
keep my mind busy
for a season.

Charles Spurgeon
Morning and Evening
September 29th...

Solomon 3:4
"I have found Him whom 
my soul loves
Let Him be set on high forever,
and let my soul sit at His footstool,
and kiss His feet and wash them
with my tears.
Oh how precious is Christ!
How can it be that I have
thought so little of Him?
How is it I could go elsewhere
for comfort..when He is so full,
so rich, so satisfying.
Fellow believer,
make a covenant with your heart
that you will never depart from Him.."