Through The Years.......... June 2023

Dear One and I are celebrating.

Time to kick up our heels and
rejoice over one more anniversary.

Sweet daughter got this photo
as we left church one morning.

It says a lot....
arms around one another....
Bible in his hand as we 
walk out to his old truck.

That's how we made it together.
Bible in hand.
Jesus leading us along.

We didn't know the way
when we started out.

We (especially Dear One)
just knew we'd make it somehow.

I wasn't so sure.

I just put my hand in his
and let him lead.

I hadn't had good role models
growing up in a broken home.

I didn't have good experiences
in my life that  would
give my broken heart any
hope that I personally
could be successful in a marriage.

Dear One didn't have the best role
models either.

But off we went...
me following him. 

He full of confidence that
we would find the way.

And we have.

Dear One began his
leadership role in our 
marriage by renewing his walk 
with the Lord and being baptized...
ready and eager to follow Jesus.
What a precious memory from
years ago......

Nothing came easy,
but we do really and truly 
love one another. 

As I write my blog
I seek to share how the Lord
taught us to live life.
I am not here to be
the one who knows it all.

I am not sharing because we
have the answers and we know so much.

No no no:)
we learned as we went.

There have been know what I mean,
but the fears and broken places
we brought into our marriage have
been slowly mended by
 The One Who gave us to each other.

We have a good life together.

And that is because Dear One
and Jesus led the way.

I just followed...
sometimes broken, fearful and stubborn,
but the Lord Himself used Dear One to 
be His Hands of love and mercy.

I was such a broken heart
when we began that one day my Dear One 
said in exasperation...
"You just can't be loved!"

And he was right.

I was not capable of receiving
and understanding love.

I had been harmed as a little girl.
I hadn't known stability and real love.
And I was fearful of men, especially
strong men who wanted to lead.

What I brought to our marriage so 
many years ago was brokenness.

I didn't bring a whole heart.

The first time Dear One met
me, through one of his family members,
he said "I saw the hurt in your eyes and
I wanted to fix it."

Sweet Dear One.

He entered the marriage as the Giver.

He knew Jesus.

He knew (kinda) 
what he was getting into,
he wanted to be the one who was
the vessel God would use to heal
the woman he loved.

And he has done this.

Along with Dear One
the Lord sent two women
who taught me Titus Two
principles and guided me in understanding
how to create a loving home and marriage.

I thought at times the Lord, Dear One
and these women were difficult.

The path they were all leading me on 
was unfamiliar and at times so annoyingly different
 from the world I knew growing up.

My mother was divorced 
and remarried many times.
If she was unhappy she moved on.

She did not believe in the 
Titus Two principles I was learning
and in time it became best for her 
and I to part ways as she tried to 
destroy our marriage from the outside.

The Lord even healed that relationship
to a point and He allowed me to lead mom 
to the Lord before she died. was all so uphill at times...
so tiring.

But we are 'here' now.

We are enjoying a life
built on The Rock.

This is why I write my blog.

This is why I share with 
the younger women what Jesus
and Dear One have taught me.

There is hope and new beginnings in Jesus.

He is the Healer...Jehovah Rapha.

He sends His own special
vessels into the lives of those who 
are His children to guide them on their way.

Dear One isn't perfect.

He is a vessel fit for the Lord's use.

A humble sort.

A man who wants what is
best for his wife.

And what's best is to 
follow the Lord's Word and 
do as He instructs us to do.

There is forgiveness.

There is a new beginning 
for each of us who is tired
of where we come from and
not having that work out too well for us.

Are you searching for peace?

It can be found in the Word.

He can show you the way
to create a household of faith
and raise up a new generation
for His glory.

It's okay if things haven't 
been the way they should be.

Jesus allows us to start over again.

He isn't asking you to 'be good'
and do this in your own strength.

He is simply asking you to 
allow Him to lead the way 
and for you to admit that you have
not followed Him.

It will not always 
be easy...but it will be fruitful.

In Him is found life
and in Him we can begin a new life
no matter how far away from Him you may have wandered
He is holding out His Hand and offering you His way of life.

I just want to say "thank you" to  my 
Dear One....and to Jesus.

I'd be lost without them.

Our song:).........