Almost Time To Bid Spring Goodbye...


Hello sweet friends.

I am returning to blog land...
I apologize that many have not been 
able to access my blog by invitation only.

Please keep me in prayer
as I again open blog and heart online:)

I am still writing my monthly newsletter.

Let me know in the comment section
if you desire to receive one.

As always, I won't post comments,
but I will read each one:)

My, oh my!
Has this year gone
by in a jiffy?!

Seems like Spring 
was just yawning and 
sleepily waking up dressed
in her lovely pastels....

My peach and pear trees
were full of blossoms
in March this year.
Early arrivals, but lovely
and welcome...

Sweet daughter bought
a beautiful collection of
fresh flowers to plant
in her office window.
Isn't her office charming?

(She has moved to yet
another office since I wrote this,
but I like the pictures so much I left them:)

We were blessed with two
Spring seasons this year.

Our land,
Little Piney Acres,
sits atop a mountain.

Spring arrived there 
about two weeks after it
graced our cottage yard.

What an unexpected blessing.

We took a lovely day trip to
Maymont Park in Richmond.
Spring was in it's glory
that day. I especially enjoyed
the Japanese garden...

The Italian garden was
lovely also. Lots of
bright tulips..

The Maymont stately 1800's
mansion is quite beautiful..

Our bike rides were glorious
in late Spring. My!! The fields were
emerald green. I love the sun dapples
under the trees...

I found a beautiful
tulip poplar flower 
while on a bike ride...

Before we knew it,
warmer days 
brought sunshine and roses.

We girls took a canning 
class at our local extension office
then bought a box of fresh picked
green beans from a little 
village store to can at home..

We canned 36 pints,
plus had about a one gallon 
bag of fresh beans left to cook
for a couple of meals...

We spent a beautiful day 
in Meadows of Dan at
a lavender farm and book store..

Mabry Mill
near Meadows of Dan....

We rode on over
to Floyd Country Store
where the locals gather on
Sunday afternoon for mountain
music and flat foot dancing.
I so enjoy my lovely
Appalachian neighbors.
They're a lively bunch...

So far it's been a lovely Spring.
Really one of the nicest I have known.
Lots of rain, cool misty mornings, 
pretty in every way.

Dear One and I always lament
Spring leaving quickly,
so we were thrilled to have
the blessing of this long
luxurious Spring season.

I will leave you with some
lively flat foot Appalachian music
from Floyd Country Store...